Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Wool glorious wool!

Now that I've got the crochet bug I've also caught a related illness...the wool fetish. I've always wanted an excuse to buy wool.
I went on an excursion to Wool Baa in Albert Park, lots of nice wool to be had there. I had the little one in tow which meant I spent about 10% of my time looking at wool and the other 90% making sure that he was not eating wool.
I chose this beautiful blue Jo Sharp ball. I think the color is called Boheme, it is part of the Silkroad collection. Plans are to make a little beanie so the boy can match his dad.

I also bought another ball of Silkroad, the color is Emporio which is a really rich red/maroon with flecks of orange and brown. The camera just didn't do it justice.

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