Saturday, February 16, 2008

Shop till you drop

Today was a day filled with lovely fabric browsing. Went to GJ's in Lygon St and looked at their patchwork fabrics - nice but not 100% inspirational. Lots of good Kaffe Fasset stuff though. After that, I took the trek to Malvern to Patchwork on Central Park - now that shop has inspiration! Everytime I go in there I want to start a new project. One of the staff, Adrienne, is so kind and full of lots of quilting wisdom. She's one of those people who can choose fabrics for you and initally you might say 'Hmm, not sure about those...' but once you make the quilt the fabrics look bloody stunning. Wish I had that skill.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Lots of projects on the go

It's high time that I posted some pics. You can't have a crafty type blog with nothing to show! So here's what I've been up to:

This is my first attempt at a doorstop. It turned out a little flat. How fab is the fabric? It's Amy Butler and I think it looks soooo art deco. This doorstop was completed at the CCC Day - very happy that I actually finished something. Not even the sparkling shiraz could stand in my way!

Doorstop attempt #2. This one is for the bubba's room and I'm alot happier with how this one turned out. The secret is pointy triangles and small square base. Those monkeys are so damn cute. Still not sure why a monkey would be hanging out with a crab but who I am to argue about how a monkey chooses to spend its time?

These are the two fabrics I'm using to make a little girl's dress. How 30's are they? I'm almost finished the dress and will post a pic when it's done.

I can't take credit for this little number. My lovely friend Sally made this nappy wallet for me. I love love love those groovy guitars and she even made the cool button herself. How talented is she?! Changing nappies is not so bad now that I can whip out all my supplies in one trusty little bag.
So I've knocked a few things off my craft list but as soon as one project gets the tick, I think of abbout 3 more to add to the list. Never ending but that's the way it should be I guess.