Thursday, January 31, 2008

Craft central

OK, it is true...all I can think about is the giant list of craft projects I want to do. Today my sister-in-law helped me make my first skirt (almost finished it...these things are never as simple as they should be). And this Saturday I'm attending a CCC (Collingwood Craft and Champagne day) and the rule is that we have to nominate our craft project before we start. That way we are accountable to each other! This is the enormous list that I've thought of:
- Finish of skirt for me
- Lamp for bub's room
- New diary cover (to replace botchy overlocked one)
- New baby bag (to complement my new groovy guitar nappy wallet that my friend made for me - so lovely)
- Little girl’s dress (am loving the grey/red combo for little girls)
- Door stop
- Door snake for front door
- Jazz up some 00 T-shirts for the little guy
- Appliqué 2 tea towels
It's gonna be one looooooooong Saturday.

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Lovely friends

Two of the gals from work came round for a cuppa today and bought me a little prez. A very thick pad of lovely paper. Here's a peek at two of the designs:

Crafty day

Somehow today was fairly productive craftwise. Not quite sure how that worked out...the little fella was awake virtually all day and not only that, he was in quite a hyper mood.
Anyhoo, I covered a tea canister out of the apple and pear fabric that I bought for my Christmas napkins. It was another project to test out the ol' overlocker and it turned out ok! I used watered down PVA to stick it to the canister. I think it looks pretty good actually. I'm going to give it to my friend as a thank-you prez for watering our garden while we were on hols. I need to buy another tea canister so I can make one for my sis.

I also whipped up another overlocker wonder today: some little pouches to hold these cool Huon Pine wood chips that my mum and dad bought me from Tassie. Apparently they keep the moths away, so I'm gonna stick my little pouches in our wardrobes and see if it works. Allegedly they also remove smells from cupboards ...we've got a funny smelling cupboard so I'm hoping the HP works wonders.

Monday, January 21, 2008


Just stubbed two of my toes in a major way. I feel like my toes are broken...but they aren't. Hurts like hell though.

Saturday, January 19, 2008

Feeling rather large

Just went to out for a huge Japanese dinner with the hubby sans baby. First time that we've been to dinner together in 7 months and had an adult conversation and surprisingly (pleasantly so) we didn't talk about the little tike. I also felt like an adult cause I wore high heels and lipstick - it's been a while since that happened.
All of this being said, when we got home and I saw the bubby in his cot, my heart did give a little lurch. I just love him.

Friday, January 18, 2008

Overlocker madness

My mum and dad bought me a rad Christmas gift - an overlocker! I went to a class to learn how to use it and quite frankly, the possibilities are endless. You can do all sorts of amazingness with an overlocker and my current fav is a rolled hem. It is SO quick and looks ace. I decided to have a go at testing the overlocker out and attempted to make a fabric cover for my diary. All was going well until the last side where I majorly botched things up. You can see that the top of the diary looks shite. Safe to say that I need to start again and possibly should read the manual before I attempt any more projects. Ah well, I guess you've got to give things a whirl every now and then.

Monday, January 7, 2008

Scrounging around

Don't you just love making a recipe that uses all those odds and ends in your fridge? I did it tonight with Christmas food: I managed to use up the last of the Christmas ham, a bit of left over red wine, some shallots, 2 leeks and some cheese. I whipped all of this into a rather tasty (but purplish looking) risotto.
On another cooking related note, my mum gave me a mushroom bag for Christmas. It looks like it is made of calico with a black meshy lining. It is pretty cool, haven't tried it yet but fingers crossed that it keeps my mushrooms fresh as daisys.

Friday, January 4, 2008

Oh! Exciting news!

My friend came over today and told me she is expecting a baby in July! 2008 is going to be baby central. 4 friends are having babies in the next 6 months. Now I need to think of a project to make for the bubba...but first I need to finish Herb's baby quilt. I started it while I was pregnant and the piecing was completed by my sister-in-law the night Herb was born. I've got to finish quilting it and then whack the binding on. I'm feeling a bit guilty that Herb is 7 months old and is quiltless.

Thursday, January 3, 2008

No craft today

Feeling a super runny nose and to top it off, the bub has decided that he isn't keen on sleeping - just crying.

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Welcome rant

Weellll, I've taken the plunge and have decided to join the blogging community - one of my New Year's resolutions. How efficient of me, it's only the second day of the year.

So many beautiful craft blogs out there....maybe one day mine will be one of them! At the moment, this blog is skin and bones but once I figure out how to tart it up - watch out!

At the mo, I'm absolutely obsessed by all things crafty. Mostly quilting, fabrics and embroidery but I just love texiles and seeing clever people create beautiful objects. Over the last few weeks, I've created some bits and pieces myself (nothing too amazing) - some napkins for Christmas and some pretty Christmas stockings and an ornament for our Christmas tree (can you see a 'Christmas' theme here??).

My husband and I have a little tradition at Christmas time - every year we each get a decoration for the tree. So by the time we are old people our tree will be full of decorations! This year I made mine. I figured that I'd spent the majority of the year with a little bub growing inside me. I'm really happy with how it turned out. Simple but effective.