Friday, June 24, 2011

Giving craft

This is something that I've grappled with a lot recently.
Found a blog post from another which really sums it up for me. Don't forget to read the comments too.

Friday, June 17, 2011

Past days

When I started this blog, I had a list on the sidebar of things that happened each day. I liked re-reading over this but got sick of it clogging the side bar. This post archives all those days. Most passed in a fog when the littlest boy was a babe in my arms.

Watched the last episode of West Wing


February already


Australia Day

In a bad mood

Two sleepers

Considering a move to Iceland

It's too hot to have a laptop on my lap

Bang noodles


I like the word yikes

6am on a Saturday is just plain rude

Facebook you are a time waster

Exercise? Or no?

Rockin' the suburbs

I'm on the B list

Short sleeves


Bringin' home the bacon

Office politics

Mamma Mia!

Going on a date with the Mr!

Sunshine outside, cold inside

Ants are back!?

Kisses, kisses, kisses

The house is quiet

I have wheels - yipee!

The Mr is back!

Birthday party in the park

Borax...please work

Beware! Crazy woman with talcum powder on the loose

Pumpkin and fetta. Yummm

It's business as usual

I've eaten 3 blood oranges and 3 passionfruits

Has lasted for about 36 hours

Was so much fun

It is sunny!

I wish I was knocking out some zzzzz's

I'd like to feed the bub

I'd rather be in a chamber of silence

Monday, June 13, 2011

Hiatus...over?'s 2011. And no post. I've tried a few different strategies to get me motivated but nothing has done the trick. You see, I really like blogging. I do. So why don't I do it?
I don't know.
This year, the Mr and I decided that we wouldn't 'do' New Years resolutions and to my surprise he suggested a monthly resolution. Now this is much more of a commitment - yes?
We tried it in January. The rules were simple - think of a few things that we've been wanting to get done for ages and write them on the calendar. All sorts of things made it to the list. Here's a sample of January:
* finish building the drawers in the kitchen
* put the baby clothes away
* order a TV bracket for the big arse TV that Mr bought
* find a way to get the kids in bed (and possibly asleep) by 8.30pm
* change phone companies
So you see, nothing major but every single thing on this list made a big difference. We'd been talking about changing phone providers for 7 months! And it took about an hour to actually action.
January got a big tick. So did Feb, March, April and May. We have been a bit slack with June but still have 17 days to change that.
You might be wondering what made me hit 'New Post' and actually pen this entry? I have two boys (4 and 20 months) and they LOVE cars. They love to watch cars drive up our street, cars on a highway, cars parked, cars being towed. You get the picture.
They will flip out when they see this:

Nuffnang have an awesome promo where they are sending bloggers free family passes to see Cars 2. And this is the thing that got me back to the blog. I really want to take my boys to see this movie but movies are expensive these days! We've just had a huge party for Mr 4 which involved obscene amounts of Lego, my 30th, the car rego x 2 and insurance renewals. June is always a hard month financially.
I loved the original movie. It is probably the only kids movie I have seen that doesn't have scary bits. So it is great to pop on for Mr 4 while I put the little one down to sleep at lunchtime. The boys have lots of the cars die cast cars which have been favourites for a long time. Who knows how much Cars 2 merch will find its way into this house?!
The plot looks a little deeper than the first movie and perhaps it will have a few scary bits....once we see the movie I'll report back!
Thanks for reading this far and I look forward to writing more posts soon!