Friday, June 17, 2011

Past days

When I started this blog, I had a list on the sidebar of things that happened each day. I liked re-reading over this but got sick of it clogging the side bar. This post archives all those days. Most passed in a fog when the littlest boy was a babe in my arms.

Watched the last episode of West Wing


February already


Australia Day

In a bad mood

Two sleepers

Considering a move to Iceland

It's too hot to have a laptop on my lap

Bang noodles


I like the word yikes

6am on a Saturday is just plain rude

Facebook you are a time waster

Exercise? Or no?

Rockin' the suburbs

I'm on the B list

Short sleeves


Bringin' home the bacon

Office politics

Mamma Mia!

Going on a date with the Mr!

Sunshine outside, cold inside

Ants are back!?

Kisses, kisses, kisses

The house is quiet

I have wheels - yipee!

The Mr is back!

Birthday party in the park

Borax...please work

Beware! Crazy woman with talcum powder on the loose

Pumpkin and fetta. Yummm

It's business as usual

I've eaten 3 blood oranges and 3 passionfruits

Has lasted for about 36 hours

Was so much fun

It is sunny!

I wish I was knocking out some zzzzz's

I'd like to feed the bub

I'd rather be in a chamber of silence

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