Monday, March 19, 2012

Does busy breed busy?

I started a new job today and in a fit of (semi) organisation, my partner and I managed to get the kids to childcare, ourselves to work on time, one child to doctor, delicious (and new) recipe made for dinner, trivia for the Mr, kids to eat dinner, picked up some papers from our neighbours, organised a talk for a seminar I'm doing tomorrow, some more paid work I'm doing on the side for another client and a blog post.
So, I've reflected on some mums I know who are super mums. The kind of mums who get thrown curve balls all the time and so gracefully manage to deal with everything that comes their way. And I think I've decided that busy-ness breeds more busy-ness. These mums seem to add more and more to their growing to-do lists and they get everything done, they are satisfied and content and their children are happy and see that giving back to their community and friendship group is a rewarding thing to invest time into.
I'll see how tomorrow goes but I might try for a week of busy and see how I feel at the end of it!