Sunday, May 25, 2008


Today we went to the In-Law's for lunch and had French Onion Soup. Although I had my bread on the side which I am fully aware is against the spirit of FOS but I can't stand soggy bread. Anyhoo, it reminded me and the Mr of the BEST FOS experience we've ever had...think Paris, think small tiny cafe that we can't remember the name of.
So the story goes...we were going for a wander around the Opera Madeleine area and found a little cafe (I think there may have even been red checker table cloths) so we sat down at a street table and there was approx 5 cm seperating us from the couple at the next table. While we were looking at the menu, the smell of the guy's dinner was wafting over our way and it was AMAZING so I asked what he ordered and he said FOS - infact he said that FOS is his favourite soup of all time and he believed that this particular bowl was the best he'd ever tasted. So we both ordered a bowl and were not dissapointed. It was mind blowing. I wish we could remember the name of that cafe.

I think Amelia PS's version of FOS looks pretty good.

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