Thursday, December 17, 2009

Golden hammer

We don't have many traditions in our little family. A few years ago the Mr and I decided to do away with all the tacko meaningless christmas decs and instead each of us bought one decoration that we really loved or meant something to us. Over the years we've continued to do this and as our family has grown, so has the decoration box. There are only two rules to follow:
1. each person has to contribute something to the tree
2. the decoration has the person's name and the year on it
The 2yo is all about tools. He loves 'fixing' and helping Dad. He is the only 2yo I know with two working drills. This year his contribution to the christmas tradition is the golden hammer. A friend of mine made it for his birthday, originally it was a badge (which he proudly wore) but somewhere in the chaos of this house the pin has gone AWOL. We've turned the badge into his 2009 decoration. It looks great on the tree. Each christmas it will be great to pull out the golden hammer and remember the things he loved to build and fix with his tools. A little trip down memory lane.

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